What is Sandcarving?
By definition, glass etching is the erosion of the surface of a piece of glass in selected areas in order to produce a design. It is also a beautiful way to showcase the beauty of glass. Sand is also only one of several abrasives available. In our studio we use silicon carbide that produces a much more even result and smoother, finer finish than other alternatives such as garnet, aluminum oxide or glass beads.

There are three types of sandblasting techniques: surface etching, carving and shading.
Most of the etching you will see is Surface Etching which looks like a "frosted" silhouette design on the surface of a piece of glass. Shading looks like delicate airbrushing. Carving is just like it sounds: A design that is deeply carved into the glass to give a three-dimensional look.

Etched glass can also be combined with stained glass. It is also possible to etch or carve on stone, ceramic or marble, and even to etch designs on metal. The possibilities are endless!